Currently, the supplement of goods is carried out on the basis of contracts signed with more than 130 manufacturers and wholesale organizations of the Republic of Belarus, including the contracts with 66 suppliers for exclusive dealer service, and 13 exhibition contracts.

On decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus 05.11.2011, №1483/22, for organizations in the Republic of Belarus carrying the delivery of goods for the trading house «Ar-Be», is set 180 days’ term for currency earnings repayment.

Deferred payment upon delivery of food products is for at least 60 days. Currency of payment is determined by the supplier. Delivery basis - FCA, CPT – Minsk, CPT – Yerevan. Registration of shipment by accompanying documents is in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Customs Union.

Export risk insurance of the Supplier is carried out by «EXIMGARANT OF BELARUS» RUE (Republican Unitary Enterprise). Trading house "Ar-Be" provides a trilateral contract of guarantee for the performance of contractual obligations by the Debtor before the Creditor.